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Narrative Arts Practices (.com) was founded by Drs Elmo Pienaar and Jo Viljoen. They are the principal narrative educators (faculty) for learners on the respective courses. In addition to education and training Elmo and Jo do either counseling, coaching and consulting work under the brand of their companies or programmes, respectively Telling Outcomes and Simcha Recovery. They are both situated in the suburb of Pierre van Ryneveld, Centurion, South Africa.

The website and course Storyography (and more focused courses from that) was founded from the desire to work in collaborative and creative ways with clients but doing so from a Narrative Therapy perspective; Narrative Therapy as founded by Michael White and David Epston.

It was also clear to them, joining many others, that Narrative Therapy is relevant to far more helping agencies than just therapy. It spans coaching, mentoring, mediation, and other practices and cuts across several industries, and disciplines; diversity work, performance, career development, family, organisational, educational, research, theology, social work, psychology and more. It is perhaps the most versatile neo-generalist perspective there is (widely applicable and scientifically founded).

Dr Elmo Pienaar Narrative Arts Practitioner, Personal and Corporate Coach

Dr Elmo Pienaar Narrative Arts Practitioners with an interest in Family and Organisational Work

Dr Jo Viljoen, Narrative Arts Therapist

Dr Jo Viljoen, Narrative Arts Therapist with an interest in recovery

Narrative Arts Practices, shortly ‘NAP’ is our expression of the combination of narrative practices, primarily in the tradition of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, joined with all things arts.

Our foundational course is entitled ‘Storyography: A Brave new world…’, where you will engage respectively with the power of image, the power of sound, the power of words, space, and movement. The course is online and self paced which can be completed over 6 months. Enhancing the online aspect we offer non compulsory workshops and have outings and activities for those who can manage to travel.

Narrative Arts Practices differs in various degrees concerning various topics and perspectives from other related arts therapies. The ethics, practices and world view that narrative therapy brings to this work remains our guiding principles. We also go far beyond therapy and help learners to understand the case for narrative practice (the why) in any helping agency such as coaching or other.

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