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Storyography: A brave new world with story and the arts

Come journey with us and learn about narrative practice in combination with the arts. This foundational course about the brave new world of 'Storyography' exposes learners to important considerations when doing narrative arts practices in organisational (coaching and other) or personal therapeutic contexts. It does not require technical knowledge of any art form or prior knowledge in narrative practice (or what is technically called narrative therapy). Under themes such as 'the power of image' 'the power of sound, movement, and other' the learning journey expands fully online over six months with roughly one unit covered over two weeks at a time.



  • You will immerse yourself in the foundations of narrative practices and experience the incorporation of various art forms in your work in an innovative, participative manner.
  • You will work independently and at your own speed within the course framework.
  • Learners can effectively commence anytime. From time to time we will take in global or regional cohorts to capitalize on communality and joint learning. Where applicable, learners who started out on their own can catch up to a cohort.
  • The mode of learning is fully online and interactive with assignment submissions to social media feeds, contact with lecturers on the authoritative social media Facebook page (Narrative Arts Practices) with ad hoc video engagement with either other group members and/or the lecturers.
  • This is a course where you will not only learn to use, but also experience the power of narrative arts practices to enrich your own and others’ stories
  • Your imagination is your co-traveler on this journey as a very desired travelling companion.
  • This is a hands-on, participative course. You will find yourself involved in prescribed activities for the purpose of completing your assignments that will challenge you and move you to previously unknown terrains.
  • We believe in the power of community and therefore invite you to become a part of the Narrative Arts Practices community; a community without geographical boundaries, but one united in the ethics of narrative and the passion for the arts.
  • Whether you are a seasoned narrative practitioner or a novice setting out on this new journey, Narrative Arts Practices will empower you and stimulate you to work in ever more creative ways.
  • Learners don’t necessarily have to be able to dance, play the piano, or be an accomplished stage actor. This course enables you to facilitate narrative conversations in any context incorporating all forms of art, breathing new ideas into your work.
  • Irrespective of your setting, whether it is individual, couples, family, organizational or group work, this course is for you. Irrespective of whether you are involved in therapy, coaching, facilitation or other modalities, completing the course in Narrative Arts Therapy will invite you to work ever more experientially with the arts.
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